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The Criminal Legal System Response to Domestic Violence: Questions and Debate

by Jane Sadusky (February 2020)

Examines some of what we know and don't know about the criminal legal system's impact on domestic violence, particularly the impact of arrest and police response on survivor's safety and well-being.  Offers sources and links for readers who want to go deeper. [39 pages]

Knowledge Into Action: Resources & Tools for Change

by Jane Sadusky (June 2020)

Serves as a companion piece to "Lessons from the Field" (below).  Draws from the large and dynamic body of resources and tools related to ending mass incarceration, centering racial justice in communities and institutions, and creating alternatives to the criminal legal system. [15 pages]

Lessons from the Field: Talking About Mass Incarceration, Racial Justice, and Alternatives to Reliance on the Criminal Legal System

by Jane Sadusky with Sue Osthoff (June 2020)

Draws on conversations held between 2016 and 2019 with advocates from anti-domestic and sexual violence state coalitions, national resources centers, and community-based organizations to identify key themes, grounding philosophies and approaches. The resources and tools found in "Knowledge into Action" (above) are a companion to these lessons.

[12 pages]

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