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The Use of Expert Testimony on Battering and Its Effects in Criminal Cases:  Examining Case Law from 1994-2016

by Cindene Pezzell (December 2018)

Study based on published U.S. state and federal criminal cases from 1994-2016.  Discusses defense and prosecution use of expert testimony, how trial courts ruled on expert testimony proffers, how appellate courts ruled on issues related to expert testimony, the impact of admissibility and reliability rules on the admission of expert testimony, and other factors. 
[78 pages including appendices]

Domestic Violence Expert Testimony: Legal Settings and Issues

by Cindene Pezzell (December 2016)

Provides practicing and potential experts with basic information about the role of domestic and sexual violence expert witnesses, different types of expert testimony, and the fundamental mechanics of the court systems in which domestic violence experts most routinely testify. [27 pages]

Advocates as Expert Witnesses: Weighing Benefits and Drawbacks

by Cindene Pezzell (December 2016)

Guides community-based domestic and/or sexual violence organizations deciding whether to offer expert witness services and, if providing expert services, how to maximize the benefits for both the organization and the victims it serves. Includes a guide on developing related policy. [34 pages]

Domestic Violence Expert Witnesses: Tips to Help Prepare for your First Case

by Scott Miller and Melissa Scaia (December 2016)

Provides tips, references, and guidance for new domestic violence expert witnesses and others who may be interested in becoming an expert witness. Written from the perspective of experts who testify on behalf of the prosecution. [36 pages]

Domestic Violence Expert Witnesses: Immigration Proceedings

by Noël Busch-Armendariz and Edna Yang (December 2016)

Provides practice tips, basic information about immigration law relevant to victims of interpersonal violence, a sample expert report, and a list of helpful citations for expert witnesses and attorneys who work on behalf of victims of interpersonal violence involved in immigration proceedings.
[37 pages]

When Community-Based Advocates Testify as Experts: Understanding and Explaining Trauma and its Effects

by Linda Barnard and Andrea Bible (December 2014)

Uses a "Q & A" format to help advocates who testify as expert witnesses understand and explain trauma and trauma responses of victims of battering and other forms of violence. Includes an extensive bibliography. [34 pages]

Domestic Violence Expert Witnesses: Overcoming Challenges in Battered Women's Self-Defense Cases

by Karla Fischer (December 2016)

Provides information, tips, and strategies on areas of expert testimony that can be crucial in securing fair outcomes in battered women's self-defense cases. Helpful for all defense team members working on a battered woman's homicide case, including experts (both experienced and novice), defense attorneys, and other practitioners.  [54 pages]

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