How We Help

The National Clearinghouse provides specialized technical assistance and other resources to defense teams across the nation. Our services are provided free of charge.


The staff of the National Clearinghouse, which includes three full-time staff members and other part-time consultants, will work with a defendant's legal team to assess the situation and determine how we might be of assistance, including

  • Identifying defense strategies;

  • Providing relevant case law and examples of litigation materials;

  • Locating expert witnesses when needed/requested;

  • Helping to identify support networks for victim defendants who are facing trial or whose cases are on appeal;

  • Suggesting other relevant sources of information and assistance.

National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

990 Spring Garden Street, Suite 703

Philadelphia, PA 19123

800/903-0111 x3

We accept collect calls from incarcerated
victims of battering.

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