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Plea Bargains

by National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women Staff (Last updated December 2018)

Includes questions a defendant may want to ask her attorney when considering a plea. Although written for primarily for defendants, it can help advocates better understand some of the complexities of pleas. [3 pages]

Got Justice? Options for Prosecutors When Battered Women Fight Back

by Mary E. Asmus (May 2017)

Offers ideas and suggestions for prosecutors seeking just results in cases where the defendant is a victim of battering. Encourages practitioners not to assume a "seen one, them all" attitude toward such cases, and to find a nuanced response appropriate to the circumstances of each defendant.
[31 pages]

Victims of Battering with Concurrent Open Criminal Charges and Civil Protection Cases: Considerations for Community-Based Advocates and Civil Attorneys

by National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women staff (Last updated December 2016)

Highlights some of the legal risks faced by victims of battering who are facing criminal charges and negotiating civil court proceedings at the same time and suggests approaches to weighing the risks. [17 pages]

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