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Because this document is so large, you have the option of downloading individual chapters and appendices.  View the Table of Contents to determine if individual chapters or appendices would be helpful:

Introduction--Advocacy on Behalf of Victims Charged with Crimes and
                           the Role of a CCR

Section 1:  Why it Matters

Section 2:  Look Inward First

Section 3:  Prepare for Distinct Challenges

Section 4:  Changing Criminal Legal System Practice

Section 5:  Resources and References

Appendix 2-A:  Advocacy Organization Survey

Appendix 3-A:  Understanding the Impact of Criminal Charges

Appendix 4-A:  Securing a Fair and Just Response

Appendix 4-B:  Data Collection Workbook

Appendix 4-C:  Learning from Victims of Battering Charges with Crimes

Appendix 4-D:  Reviewing Cases

Appendix 4-E:  Analyzing Current Practice

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