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A Toolkit for Systems Advocacy on Behalf of
Victims of Battering Charged with Crimes

by Sue Osthoff and Jane Sadusky (December 2016)

Provides ideas, strategies, and techniques for addressing the needs and challenges related to making victims of battering charged with crimes visible and central in a community’s response to battering. Includes resources, references, as advocacy organization survey, and a data collection workbook. [147 pages]

Because this document is so large, you have the option of downloading individual chapters and appendices.  View the Table of Contents to determine if individual chapters or appendices would be helpful:

Introduction: Advocacy on Behalf of Victims Charged with Crimes and the Role of a CCR (PDF)

Section 1:  Why it Matters (PDF)

Section 2:  Look Inward First (PDF)

Section 3:  Prepare for Distinct Challenges (PDF)

Section 4 Changing Criminal Legal System Practice (PDF)

Section 5:  Resources and References (PDF)

Appendix 2-A Advocacy Organization Survey (PDF)

Appendix 3-A Understanding the Impact of Criminal Charges (PDF)

Appendix 4-A Securing a Fair and Just Response (PDF)

Appendix 4-B Data Collection Workbook (PDF)

Appendix 4-CLearning from Victims of Battering Charges with Crimes (PDF)

Appendix 4-D Reviewing Cases (PDF)

Appendix 4-E Analyzing Current Practice (PDF)

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