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Webinar Archive:  Expert Witness Series

Webinar date:  December 4, 2014



Given that there are relatively few training opportunities for domestic violence expert witnesses on how to be an expert or what to do when testifying, many end up receiving quite a lot of "on-the-job training" while they are on the stand or otherwise working on a case. This webinar features two experienced expert witnesses — one a licensed social worker and the other an attorney — both of whom have testified in numerous cases involving victims of battering. Dr. Toby Myers and Shelby Moore, Esq., talk about their experiences testifying, memorable cases they have worked on, and some of the good — and hard — lessons learned along the way. The presenters include reflections on their work in both civil and criminal cases (including when testifying on behalf of the prosecution as well as the defense). Time is set aside for questions from participants.

About the Presenters

Shelby A. D. Moore is a tenured Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.  She has received a number of awards for her teaching as well as for her willingness to mentor students.  Professor Moore has published widely, primarily in the areas of criminal law and social policy.  She is an expert in domestic violence issues, and has served as an expert witness in a number of high-profile cases.  Prior to entering academia, she practiced as a litigator in Maryland, focusing on civil litigation.  She also served as an attorney for a firm whose primary focus was civil rights.  Immediately prior to teaching at South Texas, she was a Prosecutor at the Baltimore City State's Attorney's office where she practiced in a number of Divisions, including Felony and Special Felony Narcotics.

Toby Myers has been active in numerous organizations to end violence against women.  In addition to helping start the first battered women's shelter in Houston and Texas's state-wide domestic violence coalition, she also founded and for many years directed a battering intervention program.  A Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Myers has served on numerous boards, advisory and steering committees, and on editorial boards.  In her fourth decade in this field, her current domestic violence-related activities include working with attorneys (usually as an expert witness), a limited counseling practice, serving on boards and committees, conducting trainings, and providing technical assistance.  Myers still dreams of people living in intimate relationships that are not only non-violent, but also mutually respectful, mutually satisfying, and growth promoting.

Suggested Participants

This webinar is helpful for both new and experienced domestic violence expert witnesses, as well as people who are considering working as an expert in the future.  This may include social workers, academics, and other professionals who might provide general testimony about battering and its effects.  Additionally, we encourage prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other attorneys who represent victims of domestic violence or sexual assault to participate.

Click here to access recording.  A copy of the PowerPoint (and any other documents from the webinar) is available by clicking here.


Working as an Expert Witness in Domestic Violence Cases: Lessons from the Witness Stand

Click here to access recording (which includes the PowerPoint). 


A copy of the PowerPoint (and any other documents from the webinar) is available by clicking here.

This webinar series is supported by Grant No. 2011-TA-AX-K129 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.

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